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Master advanced driving techniques and
experience Best-In-Class innovation firsthand.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to develop your driving abilities and test our fleet of game-changing Sprinter vans.

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Under the guidance of professional instructors, you'll learn:

Advanced driving
1 Advanced driving techniques.
2 How to optimize the use of your commercial van.
The Sprinter ESP® Technology
3 Experience a dynamic demonstration of the Sprinter ESP® Technology.

What to expect from attending:

"You get the full understanding of how that ESP program really works."

-Philadelphia Participant, 2012


"There was a lot of control with this truck...Definitely worth my time coming down to do this course."

-Philadelphia Participant, 2012

Meet your instructors

Danny Kok

Danny Kok

Chief Instructor for
Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy

If it has an engine, Danny will race it, fast. Danny has been racing cars since he was old enough to get behind the wheel. He's raced in Europe and North America in single-seater open wheel cars as well as production sedans. Danny was instrumental in developing the Sprinter training programs in North America and also built the "Outrigger" Sprinter to demonstrate the Adaptive ESP® technology at Sprinter's Test The Best drive events.

Melanie Paterson

Melanie Paterson

Instructor for
Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy

Melanie has a competitive spirit and strong racing background. Her desire to win started early, as a young ski racer. The need for speed led her to automobile racing where she has raced single-seaters, as well as production cars across North America. She even competed in the Prototype 1 (P1) category of the American LeMans Series. Melanie also enjoys educating others with her knowledge of driving and vehicle dynamics as an instructor with the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy and AMG Driving Academy.

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